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Florida Office of Supplier Diversity (SDV)

State of Florida
Minority, Women & Service-Disabled Veteran (SDV)
Business Certification

(Business Certification through 8/23/2015)

eWareness-Florida-OSD-MBE-CertificateClick above to view eWareness' State of Florida Minority,
Women & Service-Disabled Veteran (SDV) Business Certificate

State certification is Florida's premier stamp of approval for minority, women, and service-disabled veteran business enterprises. It is widely accepted across the State of Florida in the private sector as well as cities, counties, school districts, hospitals, and other governmental entities.



The goal of the Office of Supplier Diversity is to increase the number of business enterprises in the State of Florida. Certification officers are responsible for identifying and certifying business enterprises by conducting thorough and effective eligibility reviews while ensuring that vendors receive prompt and responsive customer service. Eligibility criteria can be found in Chapter 287, Florida Statutes, Chapter 295.187, Florida Statues and Chapter 60A-9, Florida Administrative Code. The Office of Supplier Diversity maintains a directory of certified business enterprises online.


Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in using either eWareness or our Veteran Owned Business Project as a contractor or subcontractor: (800) 517-4130 or locally at: (321) 953-2435.


eWareness, Inc. is a United States CVE-Certified Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Business. We help government agencies meet Veteran Owned and Service Disabled Veteran Owned procurement guidelines. As a certified Service Disabled Veteran Business (SDVOB) specializing in technology and marketing services, we have the staff and the expertise to help you. Add in our Customer Service Policy, and we're sure you'll find us to be a company you'll want to do business with time and time again.


State of Florida Minority,Women & Service-Disabled Veteran Business Certificate (pdf)


eWareness is also a certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business (SDVOSB) by the Center for Veterans Enterprise (CVE). Our certification is valid through July 31st, 2015.


Be sure to view our profile on the Veteran Owned Businesses Directory for a list of businesses owned by US veterans.



About | eWareness

Who says a business can't be responsive, responsible and affordable while still being the best option?

eWareness' Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Perfectionism is described as: "a propensity for being displeased with anything that is not perfect or does not meet extremely high standards." Perfectionism. It's what we strive for. It's what drives us. And it's what makes our clients very happy. We couldn't think of any other word that best represents our business mission and our passion for this business, our concern for quality and our commitment to customer satisfaction than "perfectionism."


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eWareness' Company News

Company News

We know the best way to get a read on a business is to read about said business including articles, press releases testimonials and more. We actively broadcasts information about our solutions, products and services and the news and events surrounding our company. In our "company news" section you will find information about eWareness including an ever-growing archive section that shows articles and press releases going back to our inception in '02.


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eWareness' Community Involvement

Community Goals

Being that we are headquartered in Central Florida, our staff takes great pride in helping nonprofit organizations and other businesses that directly help individuals and organizations in our community. From time to time we take on pro bono projects with businesses here on Central Florida's Space Coast, throughout Florida and the United States as well as with organizations that have an international reach. We are proud to have this growing list of organizations we've helped!


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Career Opportunities at eWareness

Career Opportunities

At eWareness, we believe talent isn't something you look for when you need it, but rather when you aren't expecting it! This is why we are "ALWAYS HIRING" even if we don't have a particular need at the moment. As a growing company, our goal is to provide our employees with an extremely comfortable, accommodating and creative working environment. eWareness' corporate offices are centrally located in the Historic Downtown Melbourne area.


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eWareness | Management Team

Our high-level management team works to make your project headaches non-existent!

Brian K. St.Ours, President - eWareness

Brian K. St.Ours
President and CEO

Brian K. St.Ours: view eWareness' President and CEO's bio, background, education and more. Learn more about Brian's hometown, college degree(s) and coursework, hobbies, places he's lived, favorite sport, favorite sports team and much more.


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Shannon Terry - eWareness' Managing Director

Shannon Terry
Managing Director

Shannon Terry: view eWareness' Managing Director's bio, background, education and more. Learn more about Shannon's hometown, college degree(s) and coursework, hobbies, places he's lived, favorite sport, favorite sports team and much more.


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Ken Brown - eWareness' Operations Director

Ken Brown
Operations Director

Ken Brown: view eWareness' Operations Director's bio, background, education and more. Learn more about Ken's hometown, college degree(s) and coursework, hobbies, places he's lived, favorite sport, favorite sports team and much more.


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Troy Ford - eWareness' Customer Relations Manager

Troy Ford
Cust. Relations Mgr.

Troy Ford: view eWareness' Customer Relations Manager's bio, background, education and more. Learn more about Troy's hometown, college degree(s) and coursework, hobbies, places he's lived, favorite sport, favorite sports team and much more.


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Relations | Accolades

The best way to get a read on us is to read about us

Organizations | eWareness


At eWareness, we feel corporate involvement with leading industry specific organizations is extremely important for the future of our business. Our goal is to become and remain active members of as many reputable industry-specific organizations as our time, budget and size will permit. If you are a representative of an industry-specific organization or know of an organization we should join, please let us know.


Learn more about eWareness Organizations


Partnerships | eWareness


At eWareness, we believe in the “you are who you hang out with” philosophy. We take great pride in establishing strong strategic relationships with important industry organizations around the globe who have similar business objectives, commitment to customer satisfaction and strong corporate ethics as us. Public Relations Agencies, Technology companies, support firms are just some we've selected as partners.


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Awards and Achievements | eWareness

Awards and Achievements

eWareness takes great pride hold numerous awards, certifications and achievements. eWareness' President is a long-time judge for the Mobile WebAward Competition, WebAwards and the Internet Advertising Competition. He was also a certified Yahoo Ambassador. eWareness is the winner of the prestigious WebAwards Standard of Excellence Award.


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Customer Satisfaction | eWareness

100% Satisfaction

At eWareness we’ve created what we call the 110% Equals 100% Rule. This mantra simply states: we will give you one hundred and ten percent one hundred percent of the time in order to guarantee 100% satisfaction. We believe customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of every successful firm. We demand it when we are the customer and we expect nothing less from ourselves when the tables are turned.


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eWareness Agency | Information

Geared towards providing you the most impact to marketing your company throughout the Internet.

About | eWareness

About | eWareness

eWareness has been providing digital and traditional communication services to various-sized businesses, government agencies, prime contractors, sub-contractors and nonprofit organizations since our inception in 2002. We are very proud to be working with some of the same companies we started working with back in '02. In fact, most of our newer clients came to us by referral from many of our long-term clients.


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Relations | Accolades

Relations | Accolades

eWareness partners with many of our industry's most well-respected companies. We are also long-standing members of several major industry organizations. The Software 500 "Next 100" and the WebAwards Standard of Excellence Award are just two industry accolades we are very proud to have been awarded. And of course everything eWareness does is done following our "110% Equals 100%" Customer Service Program.


Learn about eWareness' Partnerships, Memberships, Awards and Customer Service Statement

eWareness | Management

eWareness | Management

While eWareness is may be classified as small, veteran owned business, we run our organization in a very professional, organized manner. Our high-level management includes our President, Managing Director, Operations Director and Customer Relations Manager. Each high-level manager's staff works closely with all the other high-level managers to ensure the product we put out to our clients meets and also exceeds their requirements!


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eWareness Company News   eWareness Receives State of Florida’s Office of Supplier Diversity Business Certification Central Florida Headquartered...

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