Glossary Of Search Marketing Terminology

Cost Per Lead (CPL)

Cost associated with bringing in a lead. Cost per lead varies depending on marketing method, budget size, time, staff size and more. Generally trade shows and advertising tend to have the highest cost per lead while search engine optimization and of course word of mouth and referrals tend to have the lowest cost per lead.

Google Adwords

Paid area on Google where sites can have their pages show up under specific keywords and keyphrases. Fees are based on clicks and are typically known as pay per click "PPC".

Organic Search Results

Typically used to describe the unpaid search area of a search engine where results are based on each search engine's formula (also known as algorithm). While anybody and any company can get your site to the top of a search engine's paid sponsorship area through a Pay Per Click campaign, the objective of legitimate Search Engine Marketing companies is to use tried and true search engine optimization techniques to get you site to show up as high as possible in each search engine's organic results.

Pay Per Click

An online advertising model based on purchasing clicks to a specific site for a predetermined amount of money per click. Acronyms for Pay Per Click include: PPC and P.P.C.

Sales Cycle

Term used to describe the process of making a sales. Is usually a collection of the time associated with closing a deal.

Search Engine Marketing

Marketing program created to increase a web page's overall online exposure. Acronyms for Search Engine Marketing include: SEM and S.E.M.

Search Engine Optimization

The science of making web pages appealing to a search engine(s). Search Engine Optimization experts help sites with technical, content, structure and other areas in order to get a site to show up as high as possible in various search engines under relevant search terms. Acronyms for Search Engine Optimizationalso include: SEO and S.E.O.

Search Engine Results Page

Web page results returned in each search engine based on keywords and keyphrases used by a searcher. Acronyms for Search Engine Results Pageinclude: SERP and S.E.R.P.


A declaration from a government that a brand name, logo or design is new or distinctive enough to be granted the exclusive ability to market or represent a company and or their goods or services.

Web Marketing

Is the term used to describe the process for helping market a company's products and/or services online. Web Marketing works to integrate both creative and technical aspects of the Internet and may include using such techniques as Search Engine Marketing, Search Optimization, Pay Per Click Campaigns, Online Public Relations Campaigns, Online Advertising Campaigns and integration of traditional marketing, advertising and public relations services. And of course Web Marketing includes the creative aspects of the Internet including web design, web development, content creation and more. Web Marketing is also referred to as: Online Marketing, Website Marketing, Internet Marketing, Cyber Marketing and eMarketing.

Web Site Promotion

Encompasses banner advertising, viral marketing, link exchanges, pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization, search engine submission and more in order to drive targeted traffic to a web site.

Yahoo Ambassador

A Yahoo Ambassador has the capability to help companies create advertising campaigns online and to help companies with current campaigns better maximize their online advertising dollars. Yahoo Ambassadors go through a rigorous testing process to become certified.