Central Florida's Space Coast

Relocating to Brevard County and The Space Coast

eWareness' corporate offices are located on Central Florida's Space Coast. The Space Coast is a very unique area. While the cost of living has increased significantly throughout Florida, the Space Coast area remains a fairly good area for job growth with a lower cost of living than other areas of Florida. The Space Coast is also considered one of the best places to raise a family with it's abundance of hi-tech jobs, schools, churches, shopping centers and more. Many of the United States' largest Corporations consider Central Florida home; with many actually being headquartered on the Space Coast.



Activities on The Space Coast

 As many people from around the world know, Central Florida's Space Coast offers a unique opportunity to be just a short distance from both sea, land and space. Living in Southern Brevard County, we are less than an hour from Orlando and all the theme parks, water parks, shopping and nightlife.  We are less than an hour from the Kennedy Space Center and Port Canaveral where you can see a Space Shuttle on land or several cruise ships in the water at the Port. Speaking of water, if you are into outdoor activities, you'll find at any given time you are mere minutes from the Atlantic Ocean (Gulf of Mexico is maybe 2 hours away) as well as many lakes and rivers.  We have dozen of golf courses, numerous parks and what most considered to be one of the top spots for sportfishing out of Sebastian Inlet.



Near eWareness' Office

 eWareness is headquartered in the historic area of downtown Melbourne Florida in the 1900 Building. Over the years the downtown area of Melbourne has really started to shine. Many spectacular events take place in the downtown area.  Every second Friday of the month (starting at 6pm) a few streets are closed off for the Melbourne Friday Fest.  They typically have several bands playing on various stages.  Most of the shops, bars and restaurants stay open during the event.  You can also buy food and beer and wine and walk around while you meet friends and listen to the music. During the Fall and Winter you won't find a more enjoyable event.  And the great part is our office is less than a 5 minute walk from the center of it all.  The Melbourne Art Festival is--in part--the Melbourne Friday Fest but 100 times bigger and is a full weekend long with 100s of artist booths, food and drink vendors and more.  Many top acts have played at the Melbourne Art Festival on the main stage.  Speaking of, our office doors are right next to the stage.  There's something to be said about being able to sit outside your office and listen to famous bands without worrying about fighting the crowds before/after.  


As far as entertainment by our office, we are walking distance to well over 15 restaurants and bars.  We are also right on the other side of the causeway; thus, being a 5 minute drive from the beaches and 5th Avenue.  Some of the local restaurants and drinking establishments we frequent include: The Firehouse Restaurant, Meg O' Malleys, The Mansion, Crane Creek Tiki (we just call it "tiki"), Mainstreet Bar, Foo Bar, Debauchery, Michelettis (formerly Palettis), Off The Traxx ("Traxx"), The Speak Easy, The Nomad Cafe, Continental Flambé, Matt's Casbash, The Burger Palace, Kava Sutra and much more.

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Dec | 18 | 2013
eWareness Company News   eWareness Receives State of Florida’s Office of Supplier Diversity Business Certification Central Florida Headquartered...

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