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Who says a business can't be responsive, responsible and affordable while still being the best option?

eWareness' Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Perfectionism is described as: "a propensity for being displeased with anything that is not perfect or does not meet extremely high standards." Perfectionism. It's what we strive for. It's what drives us. And it's what makes our clients very happy. We couldn't think of any other word that best represents our business mission and our passion for this business, our concern for quality and our commitment to customer satisfaction than "perfectionism."


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eWareness' Company News

Company News

We know the best way to get a read on a business is to read about said business including articles, press releases testimonials and more. We actively broadcasts information about our solutions, products and services and the news and events surrounding our company. In our "company news" section you will find information about eWareness including an ever-growing archive section that shows articles and press releases going back to our inception in '02.


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eWareness' Community Involvement

Community Goals

Being that we are headquartered in Central Florida, our staff takes great pride in helping nonprofit organizations and other businesses that directly help individuals and organizations in our community. From time to time we take on pro bono projects with businesses here on Central Florida's Space Coast, throughout Florida and the United States as well as with organizations that have an international reach. We are proud to have this growing list of organizations we've helped!


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Career Opportunities at eWareness

Career Opportunities

At eWareness, we believe talent isn't something you look for when you need it, but rather when you aren't expecting it! This is why we are "ALWAYS HIRING" even if we don't have a particular need at the moment. As a growing company, our goal is to provide our employees with an extremely comfortable, accommodating and creative working environment. eWareness' corporate offices are centrally located in the Historic Downtown Melbourne area.


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What's Going On

Dec | 18 | 2013
eWareness Company News   eWareness Receives State of Florida’s Office of Supplier Diversity Business Certification Central Florida Headquartered...

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Are you a small business needing to be known within your industry and marketplace? Let eWareness help you discover you brand identity.


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Do you need to get your marketing or office materials printed? eWareness offers high quality printing services that will guarantee to meet your budget.


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eWareness Technical Support and Customer Service

If you are a current customer of eWareness and need support for a current or past project, please click the button below to create a new support ticket.


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